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Welcome to the Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust Formulary
To be used by all prescribers from within the Trust.

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Access Coronavirus yellowcard reporting website HERE

MHRA advice on ongoing supply issue with phenytoin (Epanutin) 30mg/5ml oral suspension -CLICK HERE

Recommendations on treatment and prophylaxis of tenatus due to ongoing issues around supply


Medicines that are available under the CRH formulary can be found using the search box above. There are links to the
BNF (), BNFc (), and manufacturer's information or SPC () next to each medicine in the formulary.

Prescribers are encouraged to prescribe according to the available formulary options and to give consideration to the Derbyshire JAPC Traffic Light System to ensure continuity in care between the  primary and secondary care interphases.

Where a non-formulary choice or an off-label indication is required , a concession form filled in or authorised by a Consultant will be required to allow provisional supply pending a DTC review. 

If a Consultant or Directorate would like a medicine added to the formulary then a 'New Drug Request Form' should be submitted to your Directorate Lead Pharmacist or to the Medicines Information Department (email for assessment after which the request will be submitted to the Drug and Therapeutics Committee for approval  

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